25 January 2007

First to Receive Sunlight

location: top of the tower of St Salvator's, St Andrews
changes: none

One Saturday morning, using the pretext of a good friend passing by St Andrews, I went up the tower to be the first in St Andrews to receive the light of the day.

24 January 2007

Louden Close

I think it is Louden Close, the first part of St Andrews that was renovated and kept as close to what it looked like in the 17th century.

22 January 2007

Not Titled 01

Location: St Salvator's quad, St Andrews, Scotland
Changes : saturation of colours

17 January 2007

My Kingdom

Location: St Salvator's Quad, St Andrews, Scotland
Changes: none

16 January 2007


Location: St Salvator's Tower, St Andrews, Scotland
Changes: Contrast, unsaturation

15 January 2007

La Mer qu'On Voit Danser

Location: Top of Sallies Tower, St Andrews, Scotland
Changes: Contrast, slightly

Apologies for the interruptions in posting. I still have this computer problem although it should soon be solved. Also came over that, the holidays and then revision and exam time. I hope I will be now posting more often (but not on week-ends).

Happy New Year